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24x7 Online 1 to 1 Coaching Chess Classes in Dubai

Chess Coach Online 1-1 lessons | Experienced Chess Instructor | Learn How to Play Chess. Learn Key Chess Strategies & Techniques. Learn incredible openings. Master your strategy. Let an Experienced Instructor Help You Improve Your Chess Skills. Call us now: +971 509253167 and Visit Today:- [Online Chess Classes Near Me](https://www.chessclass24x7.com/) in Dubai and [Book Online](https://www.chessclass24x7.com/book-online) ![](https://waappitalk.com/upload/photos/2022/09/vcxZFt5ZpmW2hQWoaVUU_23_8b0de7c6c145dc2a156fef8340a112b4_image.jpg)

Does the SDK take care of batching and offline save?

Does the SDK have batching feature and the ability to save the events to localstorage until the user has an active internet connection?


Hello I wanna test in website. how could i get ApiKey?

Template Rendering Options follow up

Hey, following up for clarity. The template string we provide to $p('render', template) The template string has to use mustache and not other templating language? Are there options to use a different templating languages in the template string? Thanks, Marcello

Templae rendering options

Hello, Current examples use mustache templates with the $p('render') function call to render elements. Are there options to use other template engines or to create the content using pure javascript? I don't see any documentation beyond using mustache and a quick question to Liftigniter support on twitter said there were a few options.

How do I track more than one widget with A/B testing?

Using "opts" to filter by article type?

Where are all potential values, filters, and uses documented for "opts" when calling $p("register")?