Cookies and Local Storage

1. Scope of cookies

All our cookies are first-party cookies, stored under your domain name. By default, all cookies are stored under your top-level domains, so cookies are shared between your subdomains. If your privacy policy or legal regulations require that cookies across subdomains be different, please get in touch with us.

Our cookies include semi-permanent user-level cookies and more temporary session-level cookies.

2. List of cookies


There might be a few other cookies

There can be 1 or 2 cookies exclusive to specific type of customer or some values that are helpful for us to analyze data.

_igThis is the randomly generated UUID we use to identify a unique user. It's also used by our A/B test slicing, and you can change this value from the client side with the function $p("setUserId", "example_id").
_igtRandomly generated string to identify a unique session a user is in.

There are also some other temporary cookies we may use to record widget click events, although we give preference to using the local storage for these events if available.