LiftIgniter Overview

How LiftIgniter works in a nutshell (Web)

There are mainly 2 things associated with your webpage, your Item (Article/Video/Product/etc.) and how users interact with those pieces of content (Activity).

Integrating the LiftIgniter Beacon to your webpage will allow you to do 3 things as soon as someone opens up your webpage.

  • Collect the information about Item on your webpage (things such as URL, title, and description along with whatever information you wish to provide us).
  • Detect user Activities such as how long the user engaged with your Item, what Item user viewed, and what kind of recommendations are being shown to the user.
  • Provide recommendations based on user's current Activity.
  • Overall flow of data can be represented as:

Your website and LiftIgniter

As you see, information regarding your contents and user activity is sent to LiftIgniter API Server, which pipelines the data into LiftIgniter that does realtime Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

When you ask our Beacon for a recommendation, it will query the Model (recommendation) server for a recommendation while providing some general behavior information about the user. Based on these behaviors, the Model server will reference LiftIgniter for what kind of Items are available on your website, and picks the most appropriate Item for the specific user viewing your webpage.

LiftIgniter REST API

If you are planning to use LiftIgniter in a more sophisticated way (maybe for a mobile application or integration to your backend), then you might not want to use our JavaScript SDK integration.

In that case, you can use our REST API and the documentations can be found here.