In-app browsing

This page describes how to get LiftIgniter performance analytics associated with in-app browsing for common apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Currently, we are correctly tracking in-app browsing only for Android phones.

requestWith value

We read the name of the request header "X-Requested-With" and store that in a field called requestWith.

AppCommon requestWith values
Standard Android (not in-app),,
Facebookcom.facebook.katana, com.facebook.katanb, com.facebook.lite, com.facebook.orca

You might see many requestWith values not in the above list. Common examples of other requestWith headers are those related to Amazon, antivirus software, dev/testing browsers (usually by developers), and specific nonstandard browsers (such as Internet Explorer on Android).

Places where requestWith drilldown can be used

Presently, the requestWith drilldown can only be used in the RealTime Panel for the real-time chart. It cannot be used anywhere else.