Single Page Application

Hash routing or PushState based Single Page Application

If you are using pushState API of HTML5, or using a simple hash routing for Single Page Applications (we will call this type of SPA a Simple Single Page Application), we provide a setting on our SDK so that it could track users transitioning to a new page.

// You can reference other custom configurations on $p("init") documentation. 
var customConfig = {
	config: {
  	sdk: {
    	pushStateReset: true

Setting this to true will reset our client to a status of initial pageview after the url hash is changed, or history.pushState function is invoked.

Other Implementations

If your Single Page Application has a heavily customized user flow (non-Simple), then most of Single Page Application Integration is about directly invoking things such as cookie update or pageview since our script won't be loaded/initialized between "page" transition.

$p functions documented in this section will help you in sending activities and querying recommendations to LiftIgniter.