Multiple websites and organizations

If you have multiple websites where you would like to run LiftIgniter, you have few different options.

The pros and cons listed on this page are primarily for JavaScript integrations. If you are using an API integration then you control the data flow much more and can choose whatever works well given the internals of your system.

Create each website as a separate organization in our system (recommended)

If you have a handful (less than 10) of fairly distinctive websites, we recommend using separate organizations (each with its own JavaScript) key for each of your websites.

This solution makes it easier to track user behavior separately for each website and makes tracking, reporting, and billing clearer. In particular, you will see data reported separately for each organization, so you can easily track the top items or top coviewed items within a website without having the data mixed up with other websites.

When looking at the Analytics Panel or other parts of the LiftIgniter Lab, your team members can toggle displays between the organizations using a toggler on the top left.

Put all websites under a single organization

This solution makes more sense if you have a single platform on which all the websites are hosted, and even more so if they are all subdomains of the same domain. An example would be a blogging or wiki platform with blog or wiki addresses as subdomains of your main domain.

In this case, if you want to restrict recommendations on an item to other items within the same website, you will need to set up a rule with us for recommending from the same category.

Cross-site recommendations

If you are interested in recommending content across different websites, you should look up our documentation on Cross-site recommendation.