Recommend from category


Categorizing items

We don't recommend creating too many channel/category for your inventory. For instance, if you have 10000 items and have 5000 categories with at least 1 item on each category, then asking for a recommendation only for a specific category may not return any results if the specific category has no user activity.

Sometimes you may want to restrict recommendation to a specific category that you've defined. For example, you might want to recommend news article for specific section and videos on some other pages. You can define a field called channel to specify the broad category of the item.

Elaborating from the mentioned example, sample query below will return items that are marked with specified channel value:

$p('register', {
	max: 50,  // Large number requested so you can see our full range of items
	widget: 'default-widget', // name of widget
	opts: {channel: "videos"}, // Return items that have value "videos" on channel.
	callback: function (resp) {
		console.log(JSON.stringify(resp, null, 2));


To setup the channel scraping for each web page, please refer to Inventory section of documentation.


Category recommendations require activation by LiftIgniter

In order to make sure that the rules are working as intended, the LiftIgniter team requires you to contact us at [email protected] to activate channel-based filters. We will activate the rule and run quality checks, and may have other suggestions on how to achieve your goals.